As a cabin rental owner in Georgia you are required to report personal property assets including furniture, appliances, bedding, outside furniture, etc.

All cabin rental owners in Gilmer County should report their assets regardless of value. All assets need to be reported at original cost new or replacement cost new.

Assets owned as of January 1 of each year must be returned on or before April 1 of each year.

Below is an example of what we need for your return. Please be as detailed as possible to ensure proper valuation of your account. Everything that is moveable inside or outside is considered personal property. This includes all appliances, furnishings, linens, mattresses, hot tubs, etc. These are examples only and are not specific to your cabin.

Item Age of Item Original or Replacement Cost New

Refrigerator 10 years $1000

Leather sofa 5 years $800

Kitchenware (pots, pans, utensils, etc) 2 years $500

Linens 2 years $300

Log bed frame ?-purchased with the home $800-estimated replacement cost


If you purchased the home with furnishings included, please highlight these items and estimate a new replacement cost, we will use the purchase date of the prior owner for age of the item.

Please note that all items must be returned at original cost new or replacement cost new even if they were purchased used. You must estimate the age and provide a replacement cost new for the item.

Failure to file a return will result in the valuation of your account based on the square footage of your home compared to properties within a square footage range.